EZ Rink 2.0 Backyard Kit

No wood or tools required! These portable and compact DIY backyard rink kits feature an easy plug and play tubing system that will save you time and effort in building your own backyard rink!

When temperatures drop below 32 °F (0 °C), these portable units turn any backyard into an ice rink for skating or hockey practice! Simply assemble the tubes and frame supports on relatively level ground, secure liner to the frame and fill with water. Once water is frozen, enjoy limitless hours on your backyard rink!



  • Multiple Season Use
  • Protects Your Grass
  • Easy to Build
  • No Tools Required
  • No Wood Required
  • Accommodates Slope
  • More Resistant to Thaw and Blade Impact
  • Longer Skating Seasons

Easy Leveling Bracket System

EZ Rink 2.0 Frame

2″ Diameter Tubing = 4.5″ Ice Thickness

No Land is Perfectly Level!

  • Simply insert the cutout styrofoam leveling block (use template guide) into the base of the bracket to raise and level the frame assembly
  • The leveling is made possible by the insertion of leveling block of different height into the bracket.
  • The lower portion of the bracket is a conical box especially designed to hold the styrofoam leveling blocks.
  • The two spikes are designed to secure the bracket into the ground or to hold the styrofoam leveling blocks.

More Skating Surface for Your Money

  • 8% Larger Frame Tubing than competition for the same quantity and length.
  • Tubular Frame Interconnection use a patented locking bracket which use one inch of overlapping compared to three inches from competitor.
  • Patented Locking Bracket is the key for building straight and rigid frame.  Competitor frame tubing are not interlocked, resulting in possible failure.
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